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HRM 552 WEEK 1 HRD Plan

HRM 552 WEEK 1 HRD Plan



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HRM 552 WEEK 1 HRD Plan

HRM 552 WEEK 1 HRD Plan

HRM 552 WEEK 1 HRD Plan

Financial Services is an organization with 500 employees.  The training manager is seeking to calibrate training to be closely aligned with business strategies and the future direction of the organization. The HR Director has requested a summary of the phases of the training process model so that key stakeholders can better understand the importance of training to support key strategies to expand the business. The organization is curious about training; however, may undervalue its importance in meeting business objectives.

Create a plan that summarizes components of the training process model and its relationship to business strategies.

Write a PowerPoint presentation in Webinar format (not as an oral presentation, but a training presentation that provides information) that summarizes the training process model. Presentation must include the following information:

  • The phase of the training process model
  • Functions of a training open system
  • Definition of learning and categories of learning
  • Definition of HR development and how it aligns with strategic planning

Presentation must be in third person (no I, we, our, you, yours, etc.).  Support slides with research.  Keep the citations as close as possible to the item they are citing, and list the information in references on the last slide.  in addition to the textbooks, use several sources to support your work.

Work is to be submitted in PowerPoint presentation.  Work submitted in other formats will earn a zero.

Cite any outside sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your report.


HRM 552 WEEK 1 HRD Plan