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DOC 731R DAY 3 Journaling

DOC 731R DAY 3 Journaling



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DOC 731R DAY 3 Journaling

DOC 731R DAY 3 Journaling

DOC 731R DAY 3 Journaling

Reflective/Reflexive Journal Template


Use one or both of the templates below, based on an activity from the Cunliffe (2004) article “On Becoming a Critically Reflexive Practitioner,” to record your daily thoughts relating to your ongoing DOC/731R experiences. Save these journals and use them to comprise your revised Lessons Learned: Revised Leadership Statement assignment due on Day 5.


Template 1


  1. Identify personal insights, issues, moments of critical questioning, and revelation or connection with ideas, moments, events, and comments that struck you and offered potential for reflective insight or significant learning about leadership and your role.




  1. Describe why these are important to you. What effect did they have? What dilemmas, questions, or possibilities did they raise?




  1. What are you going to do next? What issues, questions, and dilemmas are you going to explore further? Why and how? How will this influence who you are and how you relate to others?


Template 2


  1. How did I perform today? What are my strengths?




  1. What are my values?




  1. What can or will I contribute?




  1. What areas do I need to work on?




  1. What event will I remember from today?






Cunliffe, A., L. (2004). On becoming a critically reflexive practitioner. Journal of Management Education, 28(4), 407-426.



DOC 731R DAY 3 Journaling

DOC 731R DAY 3 Journaling