GEN 195 WEEK 5 501 Personal Plan

GEN 195 WEEK 5 501 Personal Plan



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GEN 195 WEEK 5 501 Personal Plan

GEN 195 WEEK 5 501 Personal Plan

GEN 195 WEEK 5 501 Personal Plan


  • Ethical Lens Inventory results
  • Career Interests Profiler results
  • Career Plan Building Activities
  • Your SMART goals, including those identified on the University of Phoenix Material: Goal Setting
  • Personal Plan: Outline and Introductory Paragraph
  • Facilitator feedback on previous assignment submissions


  • Sample Outline in the CWE
  • WritePoint® in the CWE
  • MyFoundationsLab: The Writing Process
  • MyFoundationsLab: Prewriting
  • MyFoundationsLab: Developing and Organizing a Paragraph MyFoundationsLab: The Topic Sentence
  • MyFoundationsLab: Recognizing a Paragraph

Write a 350- to 700-word personal statement about your educational and career goals. Use the outline and introductory paragraph you already created in Week Three as a starting point from which to create a complete statement.

Include the following:

  • Your personal educational and career goals
  • How should your career interests and competencies help guide you in your personal academic journey?
  • Does pursuing a degree help you build on the competencies you need for your future career? Is the academic work you do for your course assignments related to those competencies?
  • How might you use your personal ethics, your My Career Plan competencies and reasoning aptitude results to guide your academic journey as you work through your program?

Submit your plan as an MSWord document to your facilitator by clicking on the Grading tab. In addition, submit as a separate Plagiarism Checked document: (Library>CWE: Submit and Review a Paper for Plagiarism ) download and save as html


GEN 195 WEEK 5 501 Personal Plan




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