HCS 542 WEEK 3 Ethical Considerations in Research Studies PPT

HCS 542 WEEK 3 Ethical Considerations in Research Studies PPT



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HCS 542 WEEK 3 Ethical Considerations in Research Studies PPT

HCS 542 WEEK 3 Ethical Considerations in Research Studies PPT

HCS 542 WEEK 3 Ethical Considerations in Research Studies PPT

Develop a 7 – 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation, with detailed speaker’s notes, that explains the various ethical considerations for research as discussed in our textbooks.  If particular ethical considerations do not apply, then you should discuss why not.


Each team should seek approval (via Private Message) to use one of the following scenarios:

  1. Sarah, an instructor at the local community college, teaches three classes in health education. She is very curious about the knowledge and attitudes of her students regarding HIV/AIDS. The only way to obtain this information, she believes, is by using a questionnaire–one that has both a cognitive test and an attitude scale. She plans to use the information for planning her lessons on the same subject.
  2. Jo, a nurse practitioner in obstetrics, proposes to research the efficacy of fetal monitoring. Her research would require the use of a fetal scalp monitor during delivery. Having done this hundreds of times in the labor and delivery section of the hospital, she knew it was not too intrusive a procedure.
  3. Paco is planning his thesis project.  He wants to do a study with diabetes mellitus patients at the Family Medicine Clinic where he works.  He plans to randomly assign patients to either an experimental education program or a control group and evaluate how their lab values compare after several months.
  4. Manny, a nurse in a state psychiatric hospital, wishes to do a study about patient falls; his goal is to develop a good assessment tool for the system to use to help predict which patients are most at risk for falling.  He knows, based on experience with his patients, that falls can have serious consequences.
  5. Esperanza is an administrator in a health care organization.  Part of her job is to determine safety issues in the facility and then to work with others to ameliorate problems that have been identified.  She wants to survey the employees to help determine the most pressing safety concerns that they have.
  6. Patrice is interested in the cardiovascular responses of high school students who are giving speeches in front of class.  She wants to do a study in which the students’ blood pressure and heart rate are monitored during a class presentation; before giving the speech, students will be randomly assigned to a stress management class or a control group.
  7. David wants to study the effects of different kinds of office environments on the productivity of staff in the HIM department.  He plans to use three existing sub-units of the HIM department, setting them up with different types of lighting, decoration, furniture, etc., and then monitor each sub-unit’s productivity over a six month period.

Citations must be used as appropriate in the speaker’s notes, with references listed on the final slide(s).


HCS 542 WEEK 3 Ethical Considerations in Research Studies PPT



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